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AIBILI - Association for Innovation and Biomedical Research on Light and Image is a Research Technology Organisation in the health area dedicated to the development and clinical research of new products for medical therapy and diagnostic imaging.

It is a private non-profit organisation, founded in 1989, established to support translational research and technology transfer in the health area.

AIBILI is certified by ISO 9001 since 2004. It is certified for the following activities: performance of clinical studies; planning, coordination, monitoring of clinical research activities; health technology assessment; grading of eye exams; research and development in new technologies for medicine in the areas of imaging, optics and photobiology; preclinical studies of new molecules with potential medical use; and data centre activities.

AIBILI has the ECRIN Data Centre Certification, meeting the ECRIN requirements for IT and Data Management within clinical trials.

Clinical trials are performed in accordance with ICH Guidelines for Good Clinical Practice (GCP), European and national applicable legislations and regulations.

8 Nov 2017
Pharmacovigilance: Updates on drug safety – quarterly publication; Vol. 4, Nº 3 // Farmacovigilância: Atualizações de segurança de medicamentos – Vol. 4, Nº 3

Pharmacovigilance: Updates on drug safety is a quarterly publication issued by the Portuguese Central Regional Pharmacovigilance Unit (UFC) delivering to patients and healthcare professionals information on the risks and safe use of medicines. [read more]

16 Oct 2017
AIBILI's Investigator received the Prof. Maria Odette Santos-Ferreira Scientific Investigation Award

AIBILI is proud to announce that the Portuguese Order of Pharmacists has awarded the Prof. Maria Odette Santos-Ferreira Scientific Investigation Award to Dr. Diogo Mendes, AIBILI's Investigator due to his work: The contribution of number needed to treat (NNT) for evidence-based benefit-risk assessments of medicines. Prof. Francisco Batel Marques and Prof. Carlos Alves from AIBILI and FFUC also contributed to this work.

22 Sep 2017
Enquiry on Notification of Drug-related Adverse Events / Inquérito sobre notificação de reações adversas a medicamentos

Please see info attached. / Por favor verifique circular em anexo.

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