1. Introduction

The following terms and conditions regulate access and use of the website www.aibili.pt, responsibility of AIBILI- Association for Innovation and Biomedical Research on Light and Image (hereinafter “AIBILI”), with headquarters at Azinhaga de Santa Comba – Celas, 3000-548 Coimbra, VAT n.º 502288957.

The access to this Website attributes to those who access the quality of user and implies that such user accept the following terms and conditions of use in relation to its content and service.

Any legal references regarding the website can be consulted in the Data Protection Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy section.


  1. Ownership of Website Content

The access to the website does not attribute to the user any rights to the content provided by AIBILI.

All information provided by this website, including text, images, photographs, icons and computer codes, is intellectual property of AIBILI.


  1. License

Without prejudice to the provisions of this Terms and Conditions as outlined, AIBILI authorises any users to use this website solely for personal, institutional or information purposes.

The user is authorized to view, print and export partial content from this website in the following cases:

  1. a) If the use is compatible with the purpose of the website www.aibili.pt
  2. b) To obtain information for personal use, for business or private use or to access to any service provided by AIBILI´s website.

The user has the obligation to use the services and contents of this website in accordance with the law and regulations in force. With an enunciating character (not limited to), the user is forbidden to:

    • Reproduce, copy distribute, give way or publicly communicate information on this website without authorization from AIBILI;
    • Use information for commercial purposes;
    • Send information or messages that are not requested, to a multitude of people independently of the purpose:
    • Market in any way the content on the website AIBILI;
    • Manipulate or collect content presented on this website:
    • To spam as a result of the use of this website as well as the information and content found there:
    • Use this website for illegal activities that affect AIBILI or third parties;
    • Attack (or try to attack) the website in order to obtain greater privileges than those to which the user is entitled.
    • Execute any action to block or limit the website purpose.

AIBILI may withdraw authorization indiscriminately at any time, if any abusive, fraudulent or illegal act is detected.

AIBILI may limit access to the website indiscriminately at any time of any abusive, fraudulent or illegal act is detected.


  1. Content and Limitations of Responsibility

Access and use of the website as well as the viewing of the website page, constitute as activities performed by the users.

Users are solely and exclusively responsible for the use of the website and its content.

Specifically, users are exclusively responsible for communication of false or incorrect information or data or from third parties without authorization as well as incorrect use of this information or data.

The contents of the website may contain inaccuracies. AIBILI is not responsible, nor will it be held responsible, by any means, for these inaccuracies, errors and any damage caused or resulting in the use of the website by the users. The user is solely and exclusively responsible for the evaluation of the information obtained on this website.

AIBILI will not be held responsible for any damage that may result from the lack of access to services provided by the website or caused by viruses, damaged files, errors, omissions, interruption to the service, cancellation of content, Internet related issues,, service providers or telephone connection, non-authorized access, changes to data, or anything related to the inexistent or malfunctioning of the user’s electronic devices.

The user is responsible for the correct use of his/her personal data as well as any damage or loss caused to AIBILI or to third parties resulting from the incorrect use, loss or theft of personal data.

The user is responsible for the correct use of his/her individual credentials those which allow access to the reserved area of service. The user will also be held responsible for the supplying of specific information and personal data, which should be correct and updated.  The user cannot choose a username that belongs to a third party with the intention of using a third party’s identity. The user cannot, in the same way, use a third party’s username without the third party’s consent.

The user must guarantee password confidential and should not share it with third parties. The user is solely and wholly responsible for any actions performed by his/her user account, either directly or through third parties authorized by the user.


  1. Protection of Personal Data

AIBILI has taken suitable organizational and technical measures to provide safety to its services provided by the website, in order to guarantee the integrity of all electronic traffic of data related to the ways of usage or non-authorized access. As well as to avoid risk of the dissemination, destruction or loss of data and confidential or not confidential information of its users on the website, or related to the access – non authorized or not in compliance to existing laws– in relation to the mentioned information and personal data.

The reading of the Data Protection and Privacy Policy is recommended, it is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions in order to fully understand how the website gathers and uses personal data of its uses and the purposes of its usage.


  1. Cookies

The reading of the Cookies Policy is recommended as it is an integral part of the current Terms and Conditions.


  1. Changes to the Website

AIBILI reserves the right to, at any time, without warning and with immediate effect, modify, suppress, add, and update information and services contained within this website. AIBILI also reserved to the right to at any time and without warning, modify the website in its configuration, design, structure, presentation and terms of access.


  1. Duration

The AIBILI website is available for an undetermined period.

AIBILI reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or cancel the website or any of the services provided by the website page at any time.


  1. Links to the Other Websites

If the website provides links to third party websites or content provided by third parties (“Other Websites”), these connections are included exclusively to   provide information and for the convenience of the user.

AIBILI does not control the Other Websites and so it is not responsible for its respective content and products or for any damage or loss that may result by its use by the user as well as the handling of personal data while navigating on the internet. Access to any Other Website, during a live connection to the AIBILI´s website is at the risk and responsibility of the user.

The user should therefore, pay particular attention when connecting to other Websites by way of existing connections on the AIBILI website as well as read the Terms and Conditions and Data Protection Privacy Policy carefully.


  1. Miscellaneous Provisions

These Terms and Conditions for use of AIBILI Website shall be exercised in accordance to Portuguese law.

The user may contact for any additional clarification regarding the Terms and Conditions or for any question regarding the use of the website at the following email: