ABOUT Datacentre

Data Centre is a structure to support Investigator Initiated Research providing Data Management and Electronic Data Capture Solutions compliant with ECRIN Data Centre Certification requirements.

  • CDMS (Clinical Data Management System) validation, implementation and support
  • eCRF (Electronic Case Report Form) development and management
  • eCRF users helpdesk
  • Data export and biostatistics support
  • Long Term Storage
  • CORC platform support and digital grading forms development
  • eCRF and CDMA training and data management

AIBILI has the ECRIN Data Centre Certification since April 2016, meeting the ECRIN requirements for IT and Data Management within clinical trials.


AIBILI Data Centre was built specifically to
support AIBILI’s information systems as well as to
store clients/partners data and information. Inside
the Data Centre, the server racks are connected
to two separate power circuits, protected by two
redundant Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS).
These redundant power supply units ensure
that a failure of one power supply unit does not
cause any problems and that power is always
supplied to servers. The UPS also ensures that
the quality remains constant. It compensates for
voltage and frequency fluctuations and thereby
effectively protects sensitive computer electronic
components and systems. Block batteries ensure
that all operating applications can run for almost
three hours. For Data Centre cooling AIBILI has
implemented a cold air container solution with
redundant air conditioning units. The air is directed
to the container through the floor and flows
through the racks, dissipating the heat produced
by servers and providing adequate temperature
and humidity for electronic equipment’s. Water
detection sensors on the floor and automatic fire
extinguisher (based on gas-based suppression
system FM200) complements the Data Centre