‣ Multinational and multicentric clinical studies
‣ Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Programme (Central and South Region of Portugal)

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Our focus:

  • Grading of ophthalmic exams for characterization and quantification of ophthalmic diseases:



  • Director

    Conceição Lobo

  • Sub-Director

    Ana Rita Santos

  • Coordinator

    Catarina Neves

  • Secretary

    Márcia Ferreira

  • Study Coordinator

    Ana Raquel Branco

    Lara Portugal

    Márcia Ferreira

    Mariana Sofia Costa

    Sofia Gomes

  • Medical Grader

    Cláudia Farinha

    Conceição Lobo

    Inês Pereira Marques

    Isa Sobral

    Isabel Pires

    João Pedro Marques

    João Quadrado Gil

    José Costa

    José Cunha-Vaz

    Marco Marques

    Maria Filipa Ponces

    Maria Luz Cachulo

    Miguel Raimundo

  • Orthoptist Grader

    Alda Baltar

    Ana Catarina Almeida

    Ana Cláudia Rocha

    Ana Rita Santos

    Diana Ramos

    Marta Lopes

  • Technical Grader

    Ana Paula Pascoal

    Catarina Neves

    Christian Schwartz

    Cláudio Mendes Ferreira

    Mariana Sofia Costa

    Rui Castro Pita

    Telmo Miranda

  • Clients

    ‣ Alimera Sciences

    ‣ Annexin Pharmaceuticals AB

    ‣ ARS Algarve - Regional Health Administration of the Algarve Region of Portugal

    ‣ ARS Centro - Regional Health Administration of the Centre Region of Portugal

    ‣ Bayer AG

    ‣ Endogena Therapeutics

    ‣ - European Vision Institute Clinical Research Network

    ‣ Gensight Biologics

    ‣ ICON Clinical Research

    ‣ Infocus Clinical Research

    ‣ Oxurion (former ThromboGenics)

    ‣ Recordati Rare Diseases

    ‣ Syneos Health (former INC Research)

    ‣ ULS Guarda - Local Health Unit of Guarda

    ‣ Xbrane Biopharma

  • Partners

    ‣ Carl Zeiss

    ‣ Heidelberg

    ‣ Retmarker