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1st June 2010

Retmarker recebe Menção Honrosa no prémio Produto Inovação COTEC-UNICER

Retmarker is a software that provides information to monitor the progression of retinal diseases, which are the leading causes of blindness in the Western world.

The lesions caused by the diseases evolve over time. Strict monitoring of the progression is needed for, among other things, gathering of information to support diagnosis, definition of treatment strategy and to evaluate the treatment's effectiveness.

Fundus photographs are an essential tool for diagnosing retinal diseases. The analysis of a time-series of retinographies is extremely important in order to be able to monitor the progression of the pathologies.

Retmarker uses image processing technology which can be used to track changes accurately, effectively and effortlessly. Highlighting differences between sequential images allows analysis to be focused on what is important, guiding the users’ attention to areas that might need a closer look or additional examination.

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