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28th February 2012

RDSS - Retinal Disease Screening System

A AIBILI has obtained approval for the Retinal Disease Screening System project submitted in partnership with Critical Health to QREN.

The project consists on the research and development of a software solution that automates the process of screening for diabetic retinopathy in diabetic patients, through analysis and automatic grading of eye fundus images. The aim is to create a solution that safely and in a short time makes the prioritization of patients with diabetes who should be examined by a specialist – Ophthalmologist - and eventually submitted to treatment from those who just need to continue to be monitored but do not require urgent treatment.

It seeks to achieve the project objectives by forming a consortium of complementary entities that have know how on Diabetic Retinopathy Scientific Research - AIBILI - and on the development of Healthcare information technologies, particularly for Ophthalmology, based on image processing techniques - Critical Health.

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