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Ongoing Projects

Centre of New Technologies for Medicine

Area of retinal layers disruption calculation tool [more info]

C-Tracer OCT Automatic Segmentation [more info]

FILTER – Framework to Develop and Validate Automated Image Analysis Systems for Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Eyes at Risk in Blinding Age-Related Disease [more info]

Development of a software tool to calculate ratios between manually identified areas of neovessels and of the optic disc for CORC507/13 data. [more info]

Quantification and Identification of Cysts in OCT and FA (CHARTRES) [more info]

Quantification of Retinal Microvasculature in Retinal Disease [more info]

OCT – Leakage; Quantification of BRB alterations in diabetic patients through identification of zones of low optical reflectivity in Optical Coherence Tomography. [more info]

Retmarker - Critical Health / MA-Tracker [more info]

Projects by department:

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