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CEC // Centre for Clinical Trials

The Clinical Trial Centre (CEC) performs randomized clinical trials with special emphasis on ophthalmology.

CEC has dedicated facilities and the most modern ophthalmological equipment. Its permanent staff includes two medical doctors, one pharmacist, four technicians for diagnostic procedures, five study coordinators and three administrative secretaries. 22 other medical doctors, three technicians for diagnostic procedures, one laboratory technician and four nurses collaborate regularly in the CEC activities.

During 2014 it had ongoing 13 investigator-driven clinical trials and 31 industry-sponsored clinical trials.

The professional organisation of the Clinical Trial Centre and its convenient location, next to the University Hospital of Coimbra and the Celas Unit of ARSC – Health Administration of the Central Region of Portugal, are a guarantee of efficient recruitment and that the deadlines are successfully met and in compliance with the ICH Good Clinical Practice Guidelines. The Clinical Trial Centre is certified by ISO 9001 to perform clinical trials, thus guaranteeing the continual improvement ICH-GCP compliance.

CEC is also certified as Clinical Site of Excellence by the - European Vision Institute Clinical Research Network (Clinical Site nº 1), that is a clinical trial centre in ophthalmology that complies with ICH GCP Guidelines with written SOPs, has the necessary equipment and personnel to perform clinical trials and has proven expertise and scientific publications in this area.

Areas of expertise


  • Identification of phenotypes and biomarkers of retinal disease progression
  • Testing new methods of early diagnosis of macular edema and retinal vascular disease
  • Characterisation of responders and non-responders to new available therapies of retinal disease
  • Characterization of phenotypes of diabetic retinopathy
  • Neurovascular degeneration in age-related disease



  • Evaluation of new drugs for glaucoma treatment



  • Optical Coherence Tomography in the diagnosis of neurological diseases
  • Diagnostic correlations in imaging between brain and retina
  • Eye fundus imaging as a predictor of systemic vascular disease
  • Neurovascular degeneration in age-related disease
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