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ARSC - Regional Health Administration of the Centre Region of Portugal

ARSC regulates the organization and functioning of healthcare institutions and services in the Centre Region of Portugal.

The Protocol between AIBILI and ARSC is of great relevance as the area of primary healthcare is a major research interest of AIBILI as screening and prevention are priorities for AIBILI research particularly in imaging diagnostics.

Since 2011, AIBILI-CORC is the Reading Centre for fundus images of Screening Programme for Diabetic Retinopathy in the Centre Region of Portugal.

Champalimaud Foundation

The Champalimaud Foundation recognized in 2010 AIBILI as one of its C-TRACERs – Champalimaud Translational Centres for Eye Research. The C-TRACERs focus on translational eye research as it strives to further the knowledge of vision in such a way that it can be readily applied to the patient.

The C-TRACER Network is formed by Centres in Portugal, India and Brazil. The India C-TRACER is the L. V. Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad and the Brazilian C-TRACER is the Institute for Vision at the Federal University of S. Paulo at S. Paulo.

Ongoing joint research activities bringing together these institutions and the Department of Ophthalmology of the University Hospital of Coimbra are focused on predicting progression of diabetic retinopathy, stem-cell treatment of eye diseases and teleophthalmology and this way translating basic research to clinical research and enhancing the adoption of best practices in the community. - European Vision Institute Clinical Research Network

One of the major areas of activity of AIBILI involves its role as the Coordinating Centre of a European network of centres for clinical research in ophthalmology, the - European Vision Institute Clinical Research Network EEIG, which brings together 101 European clinical research centres from 15 European countries. This network has common standard operating procedures and has created the conditions for development of multinational, multicenter investigator-driven clinical studies in the European Union. is also a useful resource for Industry in performing multinational clinical trials in ophthalmology and vision sciences in Europe.


The i3S consortium headed by the Porto University, brings together institutions and researchers from several schools of the Porto University. This wide participation of schools, research institutions and hospitals in a research institute is unique in Portugal and is a valuable asset for science and technology development, while creating an environment that feeds real breakthrough research and translation of discoveries into the clinic.

The partnership between AIBILI and i3S will increase the participation in innovation and translational projects as well as to have a more complete and robust value chain for their clients, particularly, for companies.

INFARMED - National Authority of Medicines and Health Products, IP

INFARMED, IP is a Government agency accountable to the Health Ministry, that evaluates, authorises, regulates and controls human medicines as well as health products, namely, medical devices and cosmetics for the protection of Public Health.

AIBILI has a protocol with INFARMED to pursue with their tasks and achieving their objectives in the framework of the national strategy for the development of the pharmaceutical sector and for clinical research. Since 2008 that AIBILI-CHAD has been responsible for a Pharmacovigilance Unit of the National Pharmacovigilance System contracted with INFARMED, IP.


P-BIO is the only association that brings together the vast majority of companies linked to the biotechnology and life sciences sector. P-BIO seeks to develop an environment that is favourable to the creation and growth of start-ups, promoting their corporate development domestically and internationally.

The partnership with AIBILI will allow P-BIO companies to have access to differentiated support to evaluate the economic viability of medicines, value strategy design, regulation and translation of technology, market access and effectiveness after commercialization.


PtCRIN is the national clinical research network aiming to facilitate and improve quality in clinical research and to increase national and international research collaboration for the benefit of patients, citizens and the healthcare system. PtCRIN is the Portuguese member of ECRIN-ERIC.

AIBILI is a founding member of the PtCRIN.

Retmarker, SA

A partnership with the company Retmarker, SA was established in order to bring into the market new medical imaging products developed by AIBILI for the areas of medical diagnostics.

RetmarkerC, RetmarkerDR are new softwares that provide information to monitor the progression of retinal diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration, which are the leading causes of blindness in the Western world.

Automated analysis of eye fundus images has great potential since eye fundus images is an easily available non-invasive procedure that gives information not only on eye diseases but is also predictive of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

The series of products Retmarker is now in the international market and is a good example of research that reaches the market and has been proven to contribute to improved management of eye disease and better patient care.


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